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Admin Rules
1.  In an effort for chatters to speak and be heard in a reasonable amount of time, a mic limit may be enforced.  The limit will fluctuate according to the amount of hands in line.  Nonsensical banter (fuckery) has a limit of two (2)  minutes or less based on admin discretion.  This includes drama.  

2.  Admins & Super Admins are limited to a 6 minute max time on the mic (with exception of owners). This rule is not to be  abused but "USED CASUALLY".  Note:  Be mindful  not to use your six (6) minutes if four (4) or more hands are up to  speak.  If using it while timing is taking place, advise the timing  admin.

3.  The function of an admin is to help the room run smoothly.  Chatters may be given certain instructions as a result.  Dots or bounces may be administered if a chatter chooses not to follow an instruct. DO NOT LEAVE DOTS ON CHATTERS!!! We do not have a "time out" or "sit on the corner" dot. We dot to administrate and then once done dots are to be removed immediately. "ADMIN INTIMIDATION-ANTAGONIST WILL NOT BE TOLERATED"

4.  If a rule violation takes place, the chatter committing the violation should be issued a verbal or text warning for minor violations before an admin opts to bounce them.

5.  Chatters are not to act as admins, giving instructs to other chatters on mic or in text.  Chatters may question an admin decision however admins aren't required to answer.  If a chatter isn't given a response, but continues to press the issue they may be bounced.

6.  Once a dot or bounce is administered, other admins may assist in the removal of either at their own discretion. Second chances are to be extended to all NEW chatters who  are bounced. The first bounce serves as an extreme warning. If they  repeat the offense to get themselves bounced a second time, then that  chatter stays bounced for the whole 24 hour duration. *A bounce should only be removed if the chatter has not been bounced in the same day.  In the case that a chatter has been bounced a second time, only the admin that bounced that chatter can remove the bounce.  After 24 hours the bounce should be removed.

7.  If a chatter has repeated an offense that warrants a ban, bans are 3-or-5 days based on the severity of the  violation. If anyone is in the ban box for more than 5 days then please  clear their names.

8.  Super Admins may allow a special privilege to any  chatter to play a recording or some other alternative but only when there is LESS THAN 5 chatters in line and as long as it  isn't longer than 3:30 minutes and there are or the time that the Super Admin  allots under the mic minimum. If there is no Super Admin available when a  request is made then a regular Admin may grant permission under the  same guidelines. (This privilege should not be abused and doesn't have  to be extended to all that make a request).

9.  Admins are not to use their h@t as a tool of abuse,  revenge or a way to redeem themselves after being at odds with another  chatter.  (Remember, we are just chatters like all of the others in the  room without an Admin h@t. Our goal is to invite people to the mic and  encourage discussion).

10.  Admins are not to dot chatters off the mic in an effort to  speak. An admin may however speak in between them keying up to address the room on rules, protocol or some other matter concerning  the room format. (Try to keep it brief & please  do not abuse this ruling).

11.  Admins are not to dot other admins.  However super-admins are given discretion to dot an admin that is abusing their h@t.  Which means that super-admins should not abuse their hats as a general rule.  If it is possible, super-admins should avoid dotting other admins by using admin whisper or pm to put a stop to h@t abuse.  

ALSO: When an admin or superadmin is timing, allow a 30 second window for a admin or superadmin to release the mic on their own before dotting them off. However this does not apply to superadmins that are timing an admin that is not a super.  

12.  Admins are not to allow  "PERSONAL DEATH THREATS",  threats of rape,or child molestation upon another chatter that is currently in the room.

13.  Chatters are allowed 10-15 seconds to grab the mic before  calling up the next chatter. Some may have slow processors or other  computer issues. If they respond after the next chatter behind them  starts speaking then it's no problem in allowing them to speak after the chatter on the mic.  This courtesy is extended as long as that chatter was known to have been in the line.

14.  Chatters may have computer issues that cause them to be booted from the room, such as a Paltalk crash.  They may also need to leave the room to refresh their program. If a chatter is having issues and they lose  their spot in line, they may be allowed  to take their position in line.  This courtesy is allowed, even if they are outside of the line upon their return.  

15.  Chatters that choose not to speak on a topic... but  choose instead to raise another topic (provided that it is not fuckery) when there is a  discussion that 3 or more other mic chatters are commenting on, are granted the same mic limit as other chatters.  If time permits, they may speak up to a 3:30 minute max.  (This only applies when there is  a serious & in depth discussion.)  To admins: Please use wise discretion in  determining this.  Chatters who choose to engage in nonsensical chat (fuckery) will only be allowed 2 minutes.  This includes drama.  *Admins reserve the option of cutting off a chatter in less than 2 minutes for such.

16.  Chatters that take the mic with an agenda to be  EXTREMELY obtuse, and disrupt the flow of the room (mumbling,  terrible  singing, eating on the mic, taking calls on the mic, etc.) should  be  dotted off the mic immediately.  

17.  Absolutely NO speaking ill of/making fun of the children (minors under 18) of chatters in this room whatsoever.

18.  Admins that are going to be afk-inactive PLEASE DOT YOURSELVES!!! So that we know what admins we actually have available. If any admin (regular or super) notice that other admins have been afk for a significant amount of time then please try to reach them through admin whisper. If they do not respond then it is ok to take the liberty to dot an inactive admin. Regular and super admins are permitted to do this.

19.  Admins are to always have their pm's accessible while they are active with hat on. If you cannot allow yourself to be accessed then please take off your hat until you can accept pm's. This does not apply to admins that are dotted/inactive with hat on.

20. SUPERADMIN DISPUTES: If & when this takes place regarding a ruling (such as an Admin-SuperAdmin righting a wrong for example... and the Admin/SuperAdmin that was wrong tries to justify it)... That admin can be over-ruled by 3 SuperAdmins in order to settle the dispute and the opposing Admin/SuperAdmin has to honor the call. A regular Admin can take part in the ruling if a 3rd SuperAdmin isn't available.
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Issues With Race
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