Issues With Race

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The room has hosted guest such as  Ashra Kwesi, K-Rino, Wesley Muhammad, Neely Fuller Jr, Malik Zulu Shabazz, King Samir Shabazz, Chawn Castro Kweli, Dr. Phil Valentine, Cheif X  and many more to come
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This Paltalk Chat Room is no place for the faint of heart it can get heated & intense at times come  teach, learn, vent,  play, entertain, cam up, build, war or work together with others

over a ten thousand track  playlist ranging from  reggae, r&b, hip-hop, soul, oldies, spoken word, live and prerecorded issues with race interviews playing  twenty four hours a week
Gun Violence
Statistics from 2015 show that 13,286. They are on the rise, and can't be counted.
Published by Priscilla Rodriguez - 8/5/2018
Rappers and Drugs
Society blames rappers and drugs. They say it is glorified through Rap music. Many have died. Rappers are not recognized for the good, but mostly for the bad.
Published by Priscilla Rodriguez - 3/3/2018
Panare Indians killed Jesus!
To misrepresent another religion for fear that people might choose that religion is repugnant, but to do so to one's own faith in the hope of gaining more converts is downright despicable.
Published by Obatala - 23/2/2018
Serapis Christus Your Christ
Simply put, Serapis (Sarapis, Zaparrus) was an invented god. He was a composite of several Egyptian and Hellenistic deities
Published by Obatala - 23/2/2018
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Issues With Race
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